7 SMS Marketing – Best Practices while sending Bulk SMS in Bangladesh

When the word “Bulk SMS in Bangladesh” appears in our mind, normally, we start to consider it as a waste of money. If you are also one of them who thinks likewise, there is one sentence for you. You are having a complete misconception. Why? Because SMS marketing is one of the most efficient and inexpensive advertising platforms till the day. You shall not consider that as a waste whatsoever.


Now think. Is there any more efficient way to get your potential customer on a mobile screen rather than sending SMS? Obviously NO! That’s why Bulk SMS campaign is considered as one of the most effective advertisements channels of the recent era.



An SMS tone is an alert for everyone!!

Even people consider it way more seriously than a social media notification tone.


Talking in terms of the socio-economic aspect of Bangladesh, bulk SMS campaign can bring a sheer number of leads at any time of the year. So you better make a plan before sending Bulk SMS in Bangladesh to your product’s target group.


Let’s make a quick plan! Follow the 7 best practices while sending Bulk SMS:


Bulk SMS in Bangladesh – Reveal the Best Plan


Throughout some of the following points, we will try to put up a complete plan that would help you to make the best out of your investment through bulk SMS campaign in Bangladesh. Let’s proceed and figure out the ploy.


#1. Soothing Content:


Make the text in the Bulk SMS easy to understand. When people see a complicated long text, they get bored easily. Don’t you wish to grab their attention at a first sight? If your answer is yes (obviously it will be yes) then make it as easy as possible. Maintain the text ratio as the limit is pretty lower than you expected! Never make the content too long to bring boredom or too short to make the customer confused. Content is the king. You have to put the best effort into that.



#2. Spot the RIGHT Time:


While sending the bulk SMS, fix the scheduling time first. Why? Think rationally. When do you surf through your phone most of the time? In terms of age, profession and gender, it may vary.


For instance, youths prefer evening or even midnight time to check out SMS while Service Holders’ prefer working hours to check their due SMS.


Specially Brands or Clothing Shops shouldn’t send any promotion after store hours as it’s an easy way to turn potential customers off! So strictly maintain the timing before sending Bulk SMS.


Therefore, if you own a restaurant, then run your Bulk SMS campaign during lunch and dinner hours. It will work for sure.



#3. Short & Clear Communication:


As mentioned earlier, the message has to be crisp and eye-catching. Don’t forget, your target group is really busy. So pack-up your SMS in two lines MAXIMUM! Clear communication will help reduce confusion and potential opt-outs from the campaign. However, you will get character limit from the service provider that you are taking bulk SMS in Bangladesh. They will also suggest what would work for you the best.



#4. DO ADD Disclaimers:


Maybe your SMS campaign is about an offer which might apply extra/hidden charge. So it’s better to be being honest than promoting an excessive fluffy offer! This disclaimer may also add value to your promotion in a long run as there is no chance to confuse your potential target group. You may think that it can somehow disregard your product/service. But, you must think positively. It will add value to your brand, overall.


#5. Try Local Language First:


Have you ever tried local language to circulate Bulk SMS? Do you think it’s really unprofessional to send an SMS in the local language?


NEVER consider this! Remember local language has the higher success rate than the foreign language text. So you must try local language first to grab your potential group rather spending a handsome money for the second language.


Yes, you have to consider your target group to run such. If your target group is huge and mass number of local people, try Bengali. But, if your product is a bit expensive, try come up with posh tone.


#6. Don’t Bore:


Who wants to get almost same SMS for every day? That is when receivers begin to get annoyed of the sender. Switch up or change the texts and offers at regular intervals to keep the attention of the audiences. As long as the clients keep finding your messages updated, interesting and new they would pay more attention to your messages. An easy way to do it maybe make micro-offers with short-lived promo codes. You may launch SMS contest campaigns to build hype and engagement.



#7. Interlink Other Channels:


It’s clearly open to interlink Bulk SMS marketing to highlight your other marketing channels & tools too!

Maybe you are running a campaign on Social Media, but still, you might need to involve offline group to participate in the online campaign. What will you do? The field is always open. Why should not you make use of the other channels to get better results?


You can do all of this and more through ADNsms. Using the very latest in digital telecommunication technology, ADNsms’s Intelligent Enterprise Messaging strong and robust platform provides you a versatile system. This scalable system is completely encrypted with almost 0% downtime. Thanks to ADNsms your messaging can now be uninterrupted and secure. Start your Bulk SMS in Bangladesh from ADNsms & attract your potential market using Branded and Non-Branded SMS.


The options for advertising any product or service are plenty now. You just have to pick your option. And, SMS marketing in Bangladesh is one of the most feasible options till now. With lower cost and spending a lot of time, you can reach out to your each targeted customer on any day of the year. The choice is yours now.


Thank you.

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