5 Reasons to Try SMS Marketing as A Promotional Campaigning Tool

An SMS campaign is one where you send your marketing messages. While these messages will be much shorter than the messages you may be more familiar in sending in your email newsletter. For example, they serve the needs of your busy, time-pressed audience better, and force you to be clear and concise in the defining of your benefits.

Remember, just because you sign on to using some SMS campaign software doesn’t mean you have to stop marketing in other channels. In fact, today the savviest companies use multi-channel advertising. I.e., social media, email, SMS, print, radio and television and so on.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is in Demand Right Now

One thing that is important to note before you devote a ton of time to SMS marketing ideas is that SMS marketing is “opt-in” marketing. In this way, it’s much like email. Your clients have to request to receive messages from you. You cannot legally purchase a list of cell phone numbers and send an unsolicited bulk SMS to these people, nor can you arbitrarily add your clients or customers to your marketing list without first obtaining their permission.

Why Picking SMS Market?

That’s a good question. And there are a number of reasons why your business or organization must consider building a list of subscribers and undertaking SMS campaign as part of its overall promotional strategy if it wants to stay relevant going forward.

1. A Growing Number of People Prefer to Communicate Via SMS

This makes sense. When you consider that the majority of people have their cell phones within arm’s reach 14 hours out of every day. And, if you are targeting the teenagers, that number jumps to 24 hours. And when you consider that text messages are non-intrusive and super-quick, it’s not hard to believe that SMS is fast becoming many people’s preferred communication channel.

2. Clients Are Reading SMSs

Pretty simple. 95-99% of text messages are opened and read, most within a few minutes. In comparison, on average only 22-27% of email newsletters are opened, and only 2-6% of your fans on Facebook ever see your posts.

3. SMS Campaigns OutPerform those Implemented on Other Channels

Depending on whose numbers you look at, SMS campaigns generate 10X the results of those obtained on other channels. That’s right; 1000%! It’s not that hard to believe though. when you consider your SMS list is 100% opt-in, made up entirely of people who have a relationship with you, and are interested in what you are selling!

4. SMS Databases add to the Evaluation of Your Company

Since a well-managed SMS campaign can generate “cash on demand” with each and every broadcast, a database of clients’ phone numbers adds value to your business. 10 times as much, some experts say, as the equivalent sized email database.

5. SMS Marketing is Affordable

Let’s ask you a question; what other advertising channel allows you to bypass the noise and clutter of the world, and deliver your marketing messages directly into your customer’s hands for a nickel or less per person?

At this point in this introductory article, it should be clear that marketing with SMS is a smart move for your business. In this series of articles, we’ll provide more specific SMS Marketing Ideas for specific niches and industries, so you can have a specific roadmap with which to move forward! Enjoy. Of course, if you have any questions about getting your SMS marketing campaign up to speed in no time flat, by all means, let us know.



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