How Restaurants in Bangladesh are Using Bulk SMS to Fill More Seats?

Bulk SMS for Restaurants

Restaurant marketing has never been much easier. But, a restaurant business like any other business can have its own difficulties. There may be busy days, as well as, days where you hardly see someone walking in. Bulk SMS marketing works wonders attracting customers. Because today’s restaurant patrons are always on their phones. 98% of messages get read, 90% within three minutes.

I bet you can’t remember the last time that you received a leaflet or offer booklet from any of your local takeaways. But you do probably on a biweekly basis get a text from your local pizza place or biriyani house.

With technology ever evolving, and with the world becoming ever more impulsive, consumers just want to do everything quickly and easily. And, bulk SMS hits the nail on the head when it comes to being quick, easy, convenient and effective.

A Guide to Successful Bulk SMS Marketing for Restaurants

It is proven that Text Messaging is 30 times more effective than any other type of marketing. You can now fill your restaurant or coffee house during the slow times by sending bulk messages. As per research by Economists from the University of California, Berkeley, 17 % of restaurants fail in their first year.  That said, no one wants to be in that 17%.

Bulk SMS for RestaurantsYou may have the perfect menu, ideal location, and a great team, but what are you doing to market your business? No restaurant can survive without consistent demand. Text message marketing allows restaurants, coffee shops, or other businesses in the foodservice industry to bring in new customers and keep them coming back.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about how to drive customer traffic using texts. Let’s get started.

5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Use Bulk SMS

  • Texts are popular 

Pew Research Center found that 97% of smartphone owners use their text messaging feature every day. According to another survey, the average person sends or receives over 40 texts per day. How many of these messages are from your restaurant? Your customers are already on their phone. Text them.

  • Texts are a “guaranteed read”

No text goes unseen, seriously. That’s why The New York Times recommended text message marketing  in their small business guide, trumpeting it as a “guaranteed read.”

  • Texts are instant

It’s not just that all texts are read, it’s that they’re read immediately. 90% of texts are read within three minutes. Think about how long some emails have been sitting unread in your inbox. Check the coupons sitting on your counter or on your fridge. How many have expired? Bring in traffic immediately, not later. Send your offers through text message instead.

  • Texts are intimate

The text message inbox is unlike any other inbox, such as email or messenger. It’s filled with messages from close friends, family, and love interests. That’s why it’s so closely protected. When people accept your texts from your restaurant, they don’t welcome you as some faceless business. They welcome you as a friend. They want messages from you, the real-life person behind the counter.

  • Texts are affordable

The cost of text campaigns is 10 times lesser than traditional marketing and well worth the return on investment. Most restaurants don’t have piles of extra budget for a TVC and don’t need a full-on ad campaign. They just need a push during slowdowns and or a better loyalty program.

How to Conduct SMS Marketing for Restaurants?

There are countless ways to conduct a bulk SMS campaign or text marketing for your restaurant business. Let’s get to them one by one.

  • First of all, if you are located in a popular area like Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Uttara, Banani, Wari, Mohammadpur, etc., and want quick exposure, you should go for the location-based bulk SMS campaign. That way, you can reach the highest number of a potential customer at a time.

Bulk SMS for Restaurants

  • If you are already in your restaurant business for quite a while, you should come up with a weekly special offer and validate it with special coupon through SMS marketing.
  • Limited time offer/Discount offer/BOGO always works if you can communicate properly. Unleash those offers through bulk messaging.
  • Promoting lunch platter/takeaway box is another way to get quick sales for the restaurant. Send the menu to your potential customer through bulk SMS campaign.
  • You can comply with a survey for your restaurant by using the push-pull service of an SMS Service Provider. The audience can easily vote for your special offer/platter. It is cost-effective and time-efficient at the same time.

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Best Times to Send Bulk SMS to Restaurants

When is the best time of the day, or even when is the best day in the week to send these messages and get the most out of SMS marketing? Because sending a message at 3 AM on a Tuesday will not get any responses. On the other hand, if you do wake someone up with that, it could mean a lost customer right there.

Weekdays Best Time and Days for Bulk SMS

Below are the most popular times in the day broken down into hour based slots.

5-6 PM – The most popular time by a long way is the ‘going home’ time and just before people have made up their mind about what to eat that night.

4-5 PM – The ‘I want to go home’ hour where people have completed most of their work and start to think about going home, and what’s for food that evening.

3-4 PM– Again just like the 4 PM – 5 PM slot, lunch has been fully digested, and people are starting to get hungry again.

Weekends Best Time and Days for Bulk SMS

5 -6 PM–Just like in the week the most popular time to send is just before people start thinking about what they are going to eat that evening.

11 AM-12 PM – Over the weekend a great time to send is just before lunch. People tend to indulge more at the weekend and a nice tasting lunch is a perfect solution.

By just following these very simple steps when creating your SMS campaigns, your restaurants will go top-notch and no seats will remain spare for dust. If you wish to get the best assistance in terms of bulk SMS marketing, you can email us or give us a call at 01777770516.

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