SMS marketing campaign: 6 factors to help you out your journey

A bulk SMS marketing campaign is an excellent choice. Customers are becoming more sensitive day by day. So, a generalized marketing campaign is by default less efficient. But with bulk, you can focus on your customers individually. It will increase your brand value and consumer trust by numbers. Eventually, this will convert your lead to customer. Not only that bulk is offering you the most vital part of this era, providing information. The majority number of consumers are now data-driven, for this getting out your information is not an option but a must to have.

A well planned and proper excecated bulk SMS marketing campaign will successfully bring you more customer at a low cost than any other channel. Before planning you have to take a look at a few factors which will help you to craft an effective bulk SMS campaign.

6 key factors in SMS marketing to look at:
  • Device choice: There are multiple options for delivering your SMS but a mobile phone is the best choice. Since smartphone peoples are becoming more smartphone-centric than ever. PC or PDA are becoming a secondary device for the smart phone’s compact nature. A mobile phone has become so part of daily life that peoples reads an SMS within the first three minutes.
  • Response rate: SMS has the most response rate than any other medium. 99% peoples read SMS. Since SMS can make approach individually and with that opening rate, you can stay relevant to your customer positively.
  • Diversified customers: SMS not only can reach out to young generations but also to elder generations. Peoples who are still enjoying the legacy mobile phone and not interested in the internet, you can still make a seamless communicative relationship with them.
  • Cost-efficient: SMS is the most low-cost medium for promoting your product and services. Worldwide a single SMS costs a couple of cents not more than that. So, a bulk SMS marketing campaign is a cost-efficient medium.
  • Strategic advantage: Bulk SMS marketing has a generic strategic advantage. Since SMS makes a customer feel personally appreciated, it gives a natural customer retention. Eventually, it will increase customer satisfaction.
SMS marketing campaign: 6 factors to help you out your journey
SMS marketing campaign: 6 factors to help you out your journey

Before launching a bulk SMS marketing campaign, these factors will help you to understand and forecast your customers and campaign. It is necessary to understand your campaign first. Understanding your campaign will help you to create right attention, selecting proper target group. The next big help is understanding your customers. Understanding your customers is as important as making sales. It may seem odd that I claimed that but it is true. Just think about it like that, if you produce something that your customer does not like even worst does not want, then your sales will be in trouble and eventually, it will affect your revenue. That’s why I have claimed that bold statement.

SMS marketing

The current market in Bangladesh

Recently in Bangladesh, there are numbers of bulk SMS providers offering their service for your help. It is confusing enough to select one from them for your need. Some feature suggestion may help you to select an optimal bulk SMS marketing in Bangladesh.

  • Multilingual: Multilingual is a necessity in Bangladesh. Bengali and English both are important when it comes to promoting products or services, particularly in Bangladesh. Majority of peoples are comfortable with Bengali, so it is important to send them SMS in Bengali.
  • Customization: Using your own name as a sender ID will increase value to a customer. Not only this, SMS template customization will give you a flexibility.
  • Gateway: In Bangladesh, there is four SMS gateway provider. It is important that your bulk SMS provider has access to all of four available gateways. Another way you might have to face hiccup to reach your customers smoothly. It is like a backup system for a getaway. If one gateway failed another one will take over from there.
  • Activity report: Activity report will help you to stay informed about your bulk SMS marketing campaign. It is important to have your service provider activity report.
  • Schedule automation: Schedule automation is an important feature to have. It will make you sending timing as you like it. Suppose you want to send 20 customs specific text at a specific time, schedule automation will enable you to do it.
  • User-friendly API: A user-friendly and easy to navigate interface is as important as the product itself. If it is too complex for you to operate, it will drag down your productivity.
  • Multidevice accessibility and portability: Accessibility is another issue to look at. If it is only Pc accessible, then it will require a lot of recourse for running a campaign. A multidevice will make your campaign potable and easy to maintain operation.
In Conclusion

Bulk SMS marketing in Bangladesh is an appropriate cost-efficient medium for digitally promoting your product and services. It will give you a head advantage over your competitors. So, before selecting a provider these factors will help you to understand your need and lead you to a suitable SMS provider as you want it.

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