Mobile SMS Marketing in Bangladesh- The Greatest Benefits for Marketers

Marketing has indeed come a long way. From dominating the world of radio, television and the Internet, it has also started to rule the world of mobile phones. With almost every single person owning a mobile phone, marketers can easily introduce and promote their products and services by texting simple ads to people. SMS marketing in Bangladesh is, by far, the easiest method to promote and introduce new products and services to prospective customers.

The mobile phone has become an important part of people’s lives. Through this device, people can send instant personal short messages to others. The ease and speed in communication that it provides are the best benefits that they can get from using mobile phones. These same benefits also apply to SMS marketing in Bangladesh. Marketers can easily reach their prospective customers by simply sending short and simple ads to their phones. Here are some other advantages of using a mobile phone as the tool for SMS marketing in Bangladesh.


SMS Marketing in Bangladesh

Personalized Communication with SMS Marketing in Bangladesh

This is one of the greatest benefits that marketers can get from mobile phones. By sending messages to their phones, you are giving your prospective customers the feel of personal attention. You market on a one-to-one basis. And, the content of the messages usually depends on the age, profession, and gender of your target customers.

Targeted SMS Marketing with State of Art Technology

Unlike other forms of advertisement that target a wide range of people that include those that are unlikely to be interested in your offers, mobile marketing also allows you to target potential customers. Thus, you won’t have to spend money advertising to people who are unlikely to make a purchase of your products or hire your services.

  • Instant communication anytime and anywhere: Mobile phones are highly portable. So, customers can easily be reached anytime and anywhere, giving you the opportunity to send instant messages to them even during critical moments. That also allows for easy transmission of time-sensitive messages to customers.
  • The potential Approach for viral marketing: Viral marketing is very much possible with mobile phones. If your target customers liked the ads that you sent them, there is always this huge potential of them forwarding the ads to their family, friends, and colleagues. Thus, SMS marketing in Bangladesh is also a great tool for viral marketing.
  • Cost-effective: Short message service or SMS is proven to be ten times more effective than other advertising tools, including mail and newspaper advertising. If you’re dealing with an excellent and effective mobile SMS marketing gateway, you can definitely realize response rates of 20% or even more. Many of today’s bulk SMS Gateway in Bangladesh are very affordable. And, with such a little price, you can realize huge returns in no time. You can also save more money by using discounted plans.
  • Platform’s Customization Capabilities: From changing your text messages with just a few clicks of the mouse to scheduling text message delivery for future schedule, various SMS marketing platforms can provide all the features you’ll ever need for mobile advertising. They can also guarantee you comfort and convenience. As well as, the efficiency you need for the business.

Another plus point to SMS marketing in Bangladesh is the fact that you only send instant messages to interested customers and to those who have requested them. In another word, your campaign is permission-based. Providing you are working at a good rate for a successful marketing campaign. And, of course, only then you can expect the excellent return on investments in no time.


Mobile SMS Marketing in Bangladesh- The Greatest Benefits for Marketers
Mobile SMS Marketing in Bangladesh- The Greatest Benefits for Marketers


How Can an SMS Gateway in Bangladesh Help Your Business?

We all know, SMS stands for “Short Messaging Service”. It is the a term for “text messaging”. Your texts are in a shorter version in this case. And, when you want to send SMS to a large group, you would need an SMS gateway. An SMS gateway provides a connection between the world of text messaging and your potential clients. Here are a couple of ways how SMS gateway can help you:

  • Sending and receiving e-mails via SMS

An SMS gateway can provide a bridge between email systems and mobile phones. Customers can have their emails forwarded to their phones while away from the internet connection. They can quickly send messages to email-based users while on the road without the use of an internet connection.

  • Regular  Alerts

Employees can be notified on the spot of any important company events. This can be thought of as a “virtual memo” of sorts. Technological issues solutions can be sent to all the people who are have faced it. You can do it very easily and quite rather quick using an SMS gateway.

  • Appointment scheduling

Reminder notes are a thing from the past now. Now doctors, lawyers, and other professionals can send SMS reminders to their clients for less than the cost of a first-class postage stamp. There are still more to this. These reminders don’t have to be a thing of sudden notice. They can be sent a day, week, and month in advance. They can be set to reoccur periodically as well. Save trees and eliminate postage. Nothing can beat this.

  • Banking services

Banks have quickly caught on to connecting with customers via text messaging. Now customers can check their balances, send payments, and even be alerted when a deposit or withdrawal is made to their accounts.

  • News & Entertainment

People love receiving the latest up-to-the-minute updates on news and entertainment. Your business can allow customers to subscribe to sportscasts and newsfeeds relevant to your industry.

SMS marketing in Bangladesh can even be used for Infotainment, news, sports updates, ticket booking, TV voting, and more. As you can see, it is highly versatile. And compared to voice calls, SMS messages are extremely cost-effective to send and receive. The possibilities are endless. Every day talented programmers are devising clever ways to integrate SMS gateways into a variety of industries. Adding one to your daily business practices is definitely a step in the right direction.

Do you want to learn more about SMS marketing in Bangladesh? Or get your hands into the finest bulk SMS gateway in Bangladesh? Stay with us. Put your valuable comments below in case of any query regarding bulk SMS marketing for the well-being of your business.

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