Learn How to Avail The Great Power of SMS Marketing

How are your marketing campaigns working for your brand? Are you generating enough sales? Or, do you wish to increase your sales? I would suggest you avail the great blessing of SMS marketing.

Do you want to know why? Because according to many polls, 89% of our audiences are using their smartphones when they head to shopping malls.

It is true, that we have noticed a few drawbacks of SMS marketing lately. Not every SMS marketing campaigns pan out perfectly. That is why you would need to conduct a balanced well-rehearsed marketing campaign.

You would need to integrate your SMS marketing campaigns into your business’s strategy. There are many ways you can achieve a high success rate in the SMS marketing campaigns. We will discuss it thoroughly today.

SMS marketing

Let Us Learn How to Avail The Great Power of SMS Marketing

We will walk you through the entire journey. First thing first, are you already using SMS for your marketing purpose? Are you satisfied with the responses you are getting? This article is for your branding too. I can guarantee you, that our proven tips will help you achieve success in your marketing campaigns.

Do You Have A Team for SMS Marketing?

When you are planning to run a marketing campaign for the mass market, you would need a dedicated team for this. When you want massive returns from your marketing campaigns you simply can not handle it like a do-it-yourself project. You will need a team of very skilled and experienced professionals if you wish to make the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns.

At the least, you would need an SMS marketing campaign expert, one who has long-running experience. Then, you would need an experienced retail expert. and a coordinator to align everyone in the project.

It would help if you have a dedicated creative designer for your digital marketing purpose. And, above all, you would need an experienced social media marketer. If you are planning for a very heavy duty team you should get a media buying specialist.

With all of them on your team and a patient mind, you will get to increase your return of interest (ROI). And, it won’t stop there.

Studying Your Customer

This is very important to study your audiences very well. You can take help of tools in this case. There are many tools are available in the market right now. One of them is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. It can help you to scale your messages’ success rate.

If you wish to know more about CRM tools, comment below I will publish an article solely about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app.

Monitor the data you get from the tools. Analyze your customers’ buying behaviours. Draw a pattern. Now play your cards right. Give the appropriate discounts to the right group of targeted audiences. For example, you are selling cosmetics goods.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to offer the discount coupons on ageing cream and marketing it to younger audiences. Knowing your customer group is half the job in the marketing field.

Make Your Messages Clear

You have to make your message very very clear. You are sending SMS to a wide range of people. Expect all walk of people to read your text. This reason is enough to make your messages clear and easy. You going to have only 160 characters to reciprocate yourself.

Trust me, it is easier when you try the laconic approach. So, try to do express your message in fewer characters. A clear and concise text is what you need. Simple as that. This is why avoid pop-culture slangs, abbreviations.

You should only ask the open-ended questions for guaranteed reviews. And the other way around for the giveaway text. For example, in case if you are inviting your clients to avail the sales’ offers, don’t leave it open-ended. Your customers would not have any idea about how can they get the discount offer.

Or, they would not know how long the offer will be valid. Therefore, I am saying it again, be clear and concise when you write a text for SMS marketing campaigns.

Are You Using Call-to-Action?

An appropriate calls-to-action at the end of your SMS marketing will dramatically increase your customer engagement. The very first thing you want from your audiences is their engagement. This is why adding a good call-to-action (CTA) will add value to your text message campaigns.

Learn How to Avail The Great Power of SMS Marketing
Learn How to Avail The Great Power of SMS Marketing
I am showing you some market-proven effective appropriate call-to-actions:
Learn more

It will lead your customers to a landing page. It is basically asking your audiences to check out your website. Or, it can be any social media page. It is an effective way to engage your audiences.

Click here

This one is a common CTA. It is old and still living strong in the market. Do you know why? Because it works. When you just do not have enough space in your text after everything you had to say, this is the go-to call-to-action. You can embed a link to take your audiences to a landing page.

This landing page of yours should have all the details of your SMS marketing page. It can price list, various discount offers, any event details or to a video’s link.

Text and Win

This is another effective call-to-action. You can get loads of audiences interested in your campaign if you offer something for them to win. It is much like a baiting system.

But it is a great system, for both you and your audiences, both parties will get to win something at the end of the SMS marketing campaign. It will create a chain reaction like a repel effect among your audiences.

Vote Now

This is a great one for brand marketing. Get your audiences to engage with your campaign with this call to action. Everybody has their own opinion. Polls give them a chance to let their voice heard.

You can conduct a marketing campaign to help them. It is a great way to find out what your audiences are thinking of your quality of products, services, price structure and more.

Buy Now

This is the best call to action to add to your messages when you text to your targeted customer group. When you know everything you need to know about your customers’ buyers behaviour you should use this call to action. It is a great call to action to bring sales from your messaging campaign.

Targeting The Right Time is Important

We all know SMS is the shorter version of old-school mobile messaging. Do you know why shorter? One of the reason is we get to read the gist from a short text. And, then the other reason is, SMS is quicker.

Takes less time to spread all around. It is all about quick widespread. Spending, receiving then reading, this whole journey takes roughly 3 minutes at most. And, even lesser to write one. That is why timing plays a great role in SMS marketing.

Promote The Same Message on All of Your Social Media

This is very crucial. You must convey the same message all over your social media platforms. Only then you can register your brand, your message to the mind of your audience. I am demonstrating to you.

What to do in your Social Media platforms?
Do not forget to add the mobile number of your office front desk. Use your Facebook page’s Sign up button to let your audiences sign up for your SMS campaign list.

What to do in your Business Website?
You should make sure that your website has your front desk’s mobile phone number. Put it on the footer or header. And best if you have a contact us page or section.

Run a Regular Newsletter Service

First thing first, try to continue an eNewsletter service for your business. Ask your audiences to sign up for the newsletter. Ask for their number. And do not forget to ask for their permission if they want to receive your campaign’s text.

Concentrate on The Active Customers

Your active customers are the one who will be your loyal clients. You will see them and their responses to most of your campaigns. They will purchase your products and services most frequently. You can rely on their reviews. They are your leading representative on the market.

Their family and friends are your customers to be. Therefore, you must invest time to study your loyal customers. They are the true gem you collect down the journey of your business. Send them gifts occasionally.

Hope these SMS marketing tips will help you too like it has been helping me for ages. Comment your queries and feedbacks, I’ll answer and add them to the next article. Thank you.

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